FUNDACION AMAZONIA PRODUCTIVA, The international tourism in Ecuador is increasing, probably because Ecuador and the Ecuadorians have much to offer. Within a one-day trip by car you can reach the Pacific Ocean coast, the heights of the Andes or the Eastern part of the Amazon Rainforest. Ecuador has large areas of National Parks, protected Areas and Ecological Reserves, the most famous among them are the Galapagos Islands.


Sponsor a child

The real problems of rural communities in Ecuador require real and concrete actions...

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Adopt a tree

There are three things a man must do in life: plant a tree, have a son and write a book!!

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fair trade

The market in associations is a sustainable alternative for small farmers, guaranteeing ...

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FAP Volunteering

FAP offers you several options to contribute to the sustainable development of rural communities...

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We work with organizations and individuals who seek to somehow make a difference and contribute to sustainable development of peoples preserving the environment and ensuring equal opportunity.

Sandberg Eco Consulting Ltd.

Sandberg Eco Consulting Ltd.

It is a Swedish consulting company specializing in corporate social responsibility and sustainable solutions. We do consulting work and projects in the field of construction management and Calculus, biology / botany, self-management, and information technology infrastructure and social issues around the world. All our projects are developed under our motto "Make the world a better place every day".

Responsible Travel CIA. LTDA.

Responsible Travel CIA. LTDA.

Ecuador is a tour operator offering responsible travel to the Galapagos, to the coast, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, respecting and benefiting local communities and the environment during the trip, allowing travelers to integrate and be part of culture and nature, and sometimes even make friends along the equator.

Sandberg  Santana

Sandberg Santana

Is a registered trademark of Sandberg Eco Consulting Ltd., and synthesis is a project that’s aiming to bring to Sweden and Ecuador. The main goal is the direct import of goods from Ecuador with a clear provenance of each of the products by always deal directly with producers and bringing social benefit under the "self-help", this is has mainly done in conjunction with our partner in Ecuador FAP.


"From March to June I was working as a volunteer in FAP´s office. My main responsibility was to work with the web page, but I did also administrational tasks like forms for the schools. In addition to this I translated documents and articles for the webpage. In April I was visiting 3 of the schools in Puyo with Patricio. The meeting with the children and teachers in Puyo was great. The kids loved to be taken pictures of and to show us how they did the practical work in the school with plants and animals. It was amazing to experience to be able to visit and see how they run the schools in the jungle. If I had time to spend some weeks together with them in the school, I would love to that! The schools are surrounded by beautiful nature, and I think it’s amazing that the kids can learn with practical work. I have also worked with marketing FAP´s coffee and cacao/chocolate. The products have high quality and for this reason I think that FAP has the opportunity to export to other countries. I would love to see these products in coffee bars in Norway. I think FAP is an amazing foundation and I will defiantly take my experience back to Norway with good memories. My volunteer work with FAP will also help me a lot, as I now have practical experience in the organizational industry, this is really good for my future education as I’m going to Hawaii to do my master in Global leadership and sustainable development. I can say that I fell in love with Ecuador as a country, and that FAP was part of making this experience perfect for me, I will definitely come back to Ecuador! I want to thank Flor and Patricio and the others in the office for making this an amazing experience!"
Lene Marie Johannessen

"Megan Mchale, her father Mike and Flor Maria Goana, FAP president, when they visited 6 communities in the Pastaza region June 20, 2012, Ecuador. The visit was order to make a diagnosis of the social and educational area. Among the main activities of the visit was to make the donation of clothing, shoes and school supplies to children around the Community of Cajabamba II, Pastaza Province, Ecuador. Megan is a young American woman (17 years) who visited Ecuador in 2010, in her trip; she paid a visit to the community of Cajabamba II. Where she shared a day with the people of the community, this time it was sufficient to detect some of the problems being experienced by children in rural communities of Ecuador. This visit made Megan motivated to take action to collect clothes, shoes and school supplies to benefit the children of this community. This June 19 traveled from the USA to personally deliver and take the opportunity to visit other communities that are in similar situations. They also toured five schools where FAP is supporting projects to improve the diet of children through organic food production on farms didactic. "There is much to do and because lack of funds it’s not possible to continue with farms and demanding fertilizer, seed and labor continually,” said Juan Carlos Lopez President of the community. The FAP pledged to continue seeking sponsors for the proposed didactic farms since the basic concept of this is to improve the food security of school children by providing food to the School Feeding varied quality. FAP invites you to join these actions and supports children in rural communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon."
Megan Mchale and her father Mikes